Madonna: Celebration primo in classifica

L’artwork sia del CD che del DVD è stato disegnato dal celebre artista street pop Mr. Brainwash. Questa la tracklist del greatest hits "Celebration" (doppio CD):CD 1: Hung Up; Music; Vogue; 4 Minutes; Holiday; Everybody; Like A Virgin; Into The Groove; Like A Prayer; Ray Of Light; Sorry; Express Yourself; Open Your Heart; Borderline; Secret; Erotica; Justify My Love; Revolver.CD 2: Dress You Up; Material Girl; La Isla Bonita; Papa Don’t Preach; Lucky Star; Burning Up; Crazy For You; Who’s That Girl; Frozen; Miles Away; Take A Bow; Live To Tell; Beautiful Stranger; Hollywood; Die Another Day; Don’t Tell Me; Cherish; Celebration.DVD tracklisting: Burning Up; Lucky Star; Borderline; Like A Virgin; Material Girl; Crazy For You; Into The Groove; Live To Tell; Paper Don’t Preach; True Blue; Open Your Heart; La Isla Bonita; Who’s That Girl; Like A Prayer; Express Yourself; Cherish; Vogue; Justify My Love; Erotica; Deeper and Deeper; Rain; I’ll Remember; Secret; Take A Bow; Bedtime Story; Human Nature; I Want You; You’ll See; Frozen; Ray Of Light; The Power Of Good-Bye; Beautiful Stranger; American Pie; Music; Don’t Tell Me; What It Feels Like For A Girl; Die Another Day; Hollywood; Love Profusion; Hung Up; Sorry; Get Together; Jump; 4 Minutes; Give It 2 Me; Miles Away; Celebration.

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